Does astigmatism in children necessarily require corrective eyeglasses?

Answer Normally yes, But I once knew a kid who either was only impaired in one eye, or was blind in one eye. he wore dark specs - one lens Black the other normal eyeglass type it was weird looking, like a... Read More »

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Does an astigmatism prescription of 2.25x100 require a high index lens?

It depends on what it is associated with. If it is combined with a sphere power of +2.25, it will actually allow the lens to be thinner and less likely to need high index.

Corrective lenses restriction on drivers license: can cop ticket me for wearing contacts instead of eyeglasses?

If a police officer questions you about the corrective lens issue because you are wearing contacts, just show the officer the contacts. Contacts are visible on the eye if someone looks closely, or... Read More »

Does tsa require you to have birth certificates for children under 2?

The TSA doesn't require a birth certificate or any other form of identification for children under the age of 18 who are traveling within the U.S. However, each person who is traveling internationa... Read More »

If a car hits a deer does it necessarily die?

Depending on how bad the injuries are. It'll eventually die because it won't be able to jump over branches/stumps and their injury will get infected. :( But if that ever happens again you need to c... Read More »