Does asthma cause pneumonia?

Answer Pneumonia is not an illness to take lightly; it can cause permanent damage in the lungs. Several things can cause pneumonia or facilitate the entry of the pneumonia germ to make someone sick. Asthm... Read More »

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How dangerous is pneumonia to a 5 year old with asthma?

I suppose that would depend greatly on the severity of the asthma and the pnemonia. My toddler who's been on twice daily inhaled steroids for severe asthma since she was 11 months old has had pneum... Read More »

How does chocolate cause asthma?

Chocolate does not cause asthma. In some people, however, chocolate can aggravate asthma that already exists. In people with food allergies, chocolate can trigger some symptoms that are similar to ... Read More »

Does asthma cause high body temperature?

Can pneumonia cause late periods?

I'm sorry I'm not here to answer this question but i have the exact same question because I'm late and i haven't been or have no possible way of being pregnant and i had pneumonia for 3 weeks about... Read More »