Does aspirin lead to Reye's syndrome?

Answer Apparently the cause of Reye's Syndrome is not known or understood. BUT there has been an associative link found between the occurrence of the disease and the use of aspirin. That link is strong en... Read More »

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Can aspirin lead to liver failure?

YES!Research shows that about 50% of patients who were given Aspirin (also called acetylsalicylic acid) regularly in anti-inflammatory doses have developed mild, dose-dependent reversible liver dam... Read More »

Does aspirin work on acne?

On One Hand: Effective Home RemedyA facial mask made with crushed aspirin has been said to be effective in reducing acne. Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which is also an ingredient in many over-t... Read More »

Does aspirin kill dogs?

On One Hand: Aspirin is Okay in Small QuantitiesWhen a dog is given small doses of aspirin to treat pain ailments such as arthritis, he will not be harmed. Canines can handle 5 to 15 mg of aspirin ... Read More »

Does aspirin work for dogs?

On One Hand: Aspirin Can Relieve Pain in DogsDogs in chronic pain can benefit from taking aspirin, according to the School for Champions. Aspirin can help dogs that have arthritis, joint pain, swel... Read More »