Does art therapy work for children?

Answer On One Hand: Art Therapy Can Be EffectiveArt therapy can help children of all ages express powerful emotions that they may not be able to put into words. Art teacher Karen Wallace states, "In creat... Read More »

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How to Use Art in Therapy With Children?

Art therapy is the practice of using the arts and artistic mediums in a way to identify, express and understand psychological states and processes. This form of therapy can be used as a means of se... Read More »

Equine Therapy for Children?

Animal companions have been proven to benefit their owners in many ways. In addition to providing comfort, company and unconditional love, pets also can boost the health of their human friends. Chi... Read More »

Speech Language Therapy for Children?

Speech language therapy treats children with speech and language disorders. Speech disorders refer to problems with producing sounds, while language disorders refer to problems putting words togeth... Read More »

Music therapy in children with special needs?