Does arby's restaurant still exist?

Answer yes! i go there all the time i love the cheese sticks mmmmmmmmmmm

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What happened to the arbys in lake worth fl and is there another arbys restaurant near by?

There is one in Lake Worth by Fourth and Mason St.

Have you ever been to your perfect restaurant, or does it only exist in your head?

Let me see, I'm going to answer this according to the number of questions you have here, so please forgive my formatted answer:1. Yes, I have been to my perfect Restaurant long ago in Jupiter, Flo... Read More »

What is your favorite chain restaurant that doesn't exist anymore?

I'm from Cincinnati too, lived in SC for 6 yrs now. When did they get rid of Hardees? I liked Zantigos, it was much better than Taco Bell

Do people still go to Arbys?

I went a few weeks ago. Honestly, the only reason I go there is for the curly fries. That's about all they have going for them.