Does apple make a 16gb 4th generation ipod touch?

Answer NO there is not a 16gb for 4rth.

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Will Apple make an iPod touch with more than 16GB?

Yes, Apple will. Apple is very secret about their merchandise, but the Touch information about it has leaked.

Information on the iPod touch 16GB 2nd Generation?

The iPod Touch is Apple's highest-end MP3 player and uses Apple's most cutting-edge capabilities. Not only can the iPod Touch store a large library of music, but it also contains a touch screen and... Read More »

What is my iPod Touch 2 Generation (16GB) Worth in £ ?

Considering its jailbroken(and 2nd Generation), it might be worth around 60-70 pounds.

Does Costco have 16GB iPod touch 4th generation?

Apple don't make a 16gb version of the 4th gen, so no-one will have one. You will have to get an 8gb version or a 32gb version.