Does apple cider vinegar & baking soda effect...?

Answer Yes, it will. Instead of vinegar, I suggest using another source of acid which will work better with the flavour of the cup cakes - for example, lemon juice, yogurt or a bit of citric acid (in your... Read More »

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How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar And Baking Soda On The Hair?

Natural elements and product build-up can form as toxins in your hair, leaving your hair heavy and greasy feeling. These toxins usually cause your hair to tangle easily, which then leads to split e... Read More »

Are "apple cider vinegar" and "apple vinegar" the same thing or is there a difference?

Basically yes, apple cider vinegar and the type sold in the grocery store is almost exactly the same, now they do make vinegar from actual apple cider, I buy it, it is unfiltered and not processed,... Read More »

Does apple cider vinegar go bad?

I think it depends on the brand. If you use a raw organic type like Braggs I would recommend keeping it refrigerated. Vinegar has an amazing shelf life so I would think it would be ok to use for a ... Read More »

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Kill Fleas?

Apple cider vinegar has several applications for cleaning, medicine and pet care. According to The Vinegar Institute, a small amount of vinegar added to your pet's food or water will help keep flea... Read More »