Does aol have spyware?

Answer Spyware allows unknown entities to keep track of your online activity, with the purpose of stealing your identity or popping up advertisements geared towards potential interests. AOL does not have ... Read More »

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Does Super Anti spyware have a firewall If it does how do I disable it?

Sandy is correct. It does not come with a firewall, at least the free version does not. I don't know about the pay version as I don't need/use it.Do you believe you are being prevented from doing... Read More »

Does WinMX have spyware?

According to, the WinMX program does not have any spyware in it. WinMX, which launched in 2002, is a file-sharing program that allows users to share files over a peer-to-peer network.Sour... Read More »

Does Limewire Pro have spyware?

LimeWire Pro is a file-sharing program you can purchase and use to download files from other users. Although LimeWire Pro comes with AVG Anti-Virus, you can still accidentally download spyware if t... Read More »

Does McAfee have spyware protection?

Yes, as of May 2010 McAfee has several products that offer spyware protection. For home users, McAfee Antivirus Plus, McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection all detect and block spywa... Read More »