Does anything work properly straight out the box?

Answer So I'm not the only one that happens to. Now when I buy white goods I always ask the shop how many they have in stock to cover the number of times I have to bring the item back. Brands that used to... Read More »

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Worked out on my forearm area now can't put it straight down properly?

Yea you just over worked them look up stretches online for that area. Should be gone couple days from now

Why does my cable work properly with one TV, but not another?

Cable carries 2 through 13 as the over air channels did before going digital, which is why her set gets those FEW. You need to configure the tuner in HER set to be "cable ready" as opposed to "over... Read More »

How to Get RuneScape to Work Properly on Your Computer?

Runescape is always a fun way to get away from other things in the online world, but can your computer take it?

My computer's clock do not work properly.Why?

right click on the clock to bring up adjust clock settings...go in there and try to see if your settings are all screwed up and fix it.