Does anyone use olive oil to wash their body?

Answer On One Hand: Oil Dissolves OilWashing with oil may seem like a strange method, but it actually thoroughly cleanses skin while moisturizing. Olive oil is especially moisturizing and works well on dr... Read More »

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Does anyone else have to wash their hair with bottled water?

You could try using a clarifying shampoo at home (your hair dresser can recommend a good one) while using the same water as you have been this entire time. Since your hair is color treated AND you'... Read More »

Has anyone used olive oil on their skin and what are the benefits?

Olive as well as many other oils (inc. almond, walnut, avocado oils, etc.). It cleans, softens, smooths, helps skin retain moisture (oil barrier) and is slightly anti-bacterial so helps keep out ha... Read More »

How to Make Plain Body Wash Into Body Wash for Extra Dry Skin?

Jazz up your usual plain body wash with these suggested steps - your body will feel softer than a baby's bottom.

Antibacterial body wash or acne body wash?

Idk, bacteria is good for you.. If you get used to killing all of it you may get really sick when u stop or catch a common cold. Acne washes with salicylic or benzoyl peroxide make mine worse. My s... Read More »