Does anyone use capitals in Google?

Answer hahahahhah this question is so funny and so true.i NEVER do!lmaoo. i never thought about it tho.

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Does anyone else find typing in full capitals annoying?

i had my bike nicked today......but people writing in BLOODY capitals...

Does anyone know how to do Google searches?

Yes, there are loads of ways to make your searches more efficient. To see a list of all of them, and how to use them, have a look at the links below. You will see some really neat tricks on these p... Read More »

Does anyone else ever google?

i google alot to find the answers for people on here and get the points. sometimes i ask questions on things like advise or people's option you can't really get from a website, but what you need to... Read More »

Does anyone use something besides google?

Millions of people use other search engines. Try Altavista, MSN, LYCOS, to name a few.