Does anyone use Dr Sebi herb products and if so, how did it work for you?

Answer Yes, Dr. Sebi's products do work. For the record. Dr. Sebi is not affiliated with the Fig Tree located in Florida. He has not manufactured herbs for them in over 5 to 6 years.His office is located ... Read More »

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What herb is good for a headache does anyone know thanks.?

Check out…

Does anyone know what Chinese Herb is used for the treatment of Migraine headaches?

Chinese herbal medicine uses several herbs at once to treat a specific condition.Take a look at some examples here. These are Chinese patent formulas made specifically for headaches. Each one has s... Read More »

Does the herb rosemary grow better then the herb thyme?

well that depends, if you have a shady spot were you want to grow herbs rosemary would be easier, thyme likes sun lite.

Does anyone use Keratase hair products How are they?

haha.. It's good stuff!! I use those products. My hair is shiny and smooth. LOL