Does anyone think smoking looks cool?

Answer Unless you are Danny in Grease it is NOT COOL - gross!

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Do You Think That Smoking Is Cool?

Ofcourse it is. Everyone knows that smoking a feg makes you ATLEAST 70% cooler.

Is smoking really that cool these days?

I no right!! Smoking is for LoOoSsEerRRs. I prefer to keep my body healthy so i can live a long life. Im only 16 and i see people my age doing it, its crazy!

I've just started smoking. How cool is that?

That's great. Not only will you look stupid (there is no masculine way to smoke: fact) but you will smell disgusting. When you get ona train people will recoil when they smell you (which they wil... Read More »

Are we cool I mean, are we cool Musically speaking, what is cool?

Sweet. My kind of music. I favorited the site so I can listen to more. Love his style.Thanks.