Does anyone take Amitriptyline, and knows exactly how it works?

Answer A lot of diet pills have phentermine which is a form of amphetamine (you can look it up), which is another word for SPEED! Your heart will race, and speed up...while antidepressants slow your body ... Read More »

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Does anyone knows if that Youthology eye cream really works?

Youthology was not ranked as one of the better product on the market, clink on this link to see which eye creams work best. It is a great resource…

Where can I get Dr Sebi's cleansing remedy recepie And does anyone knows if it works?

I don't know who Dr. Sebi is but you sure are cute. ;-)

When exactly is the new Direct TV Tivo DVR coming out I know it's later this year but does anyone know exactly when and for how much?

I know it has been pushed back to 2010 (re: send part of 2009 is out the window).Hopefully... the delay will mean they are waiting to use their newest series 4 tech in the direct tv box....Cost, do... Read More »

Can you take co-codamol with amitriptyline?

It is safe to combine these two medications. The only reason that it is usually advised against is the combination can cause severe drowsiness. If you're going to take these two medications at the ... Read More »