Does anyone still use Wikipedia anymore ?

Answer Lots of people are still using Wikipedia, and worse, they are still treating everything they read in it as if it were the gospel truth (which of course it is not). The problem is also that lots of ... Read More »

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Does anyone still read fables and fairy tales to the children anymore?

In the early childhood services I've worked in, there have not been any books on fairytales, fables and even nursery rhymes. Centres tend to leave that stuff up to the parents because a lot of them... Read More »

Does anyone here like CSI i cant seem to find anyone who does anymore?

Yes love CSI and CSI NY but am not so keen on CSI miami. Also love criminal minds and Law and order sv.

Does anyone really use a mouse pad anymore?

haha I do, but sometimes my kids spill juice or something on it and then I dont use one:)

Does anyone use myspace anymore or just facebook?

Facebook currently has over 1 billion active users while MySpace has only 25 million active users, I think that pretty much answers your question.