Does anyone still read fables and fairy tales to the children anymore?

Answer In the early childhood services I've worked in, there have not been any books on fairytales, fables and even nursery rhymes. Centres tend to leave that stuff up to the parents because a lot of them... Read More »

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Writing Activities on Comparing Fairy Tales to Folk Tales?

Fairy tales and folk tales are very similar. Both are passed down through oral tradition, use formulaic story elements and often involve ordinary people being caught up in extraordinary situations.... Read More »

Ideas to Teach Fairy Tales?

Adventure. Magic. Good vs. evil--fairy tales capture the attention and imagination of children. A unit of study about fairy tales provides the opportunity to study story elements and demonstrates a... Read More »

How to Write Fairy Tales for Your Kids?

How would you like to gather your kids and write your own fairy tales rather than let yourself (and them) be moulded by the current media? If you can speak/read Portuguese, a very successful exampl... Read More »

Teaching Ideas for Fairy Tales?

Fairy tales are familiar folk tales that are passed down orally through generations. These narratives can help students learn about story structure and characterization, as well as about the archet... Read More »