Does anyone still like to eat Spam & if so what do you like to eat it with?

Answer OMG, I've always loved Spam!I buy a small can, slice it into 4 slices, put them in a frying pan so all the slices are touching at the corners, and fry an egg in the middle.Then I put 2 of the slice... Read More »

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Does anyone actually like spam?

Spam fritter - a thick slice of spam dipped in batter and deep-fried - is the best way to eat it. Goes nice with chips & ketchup.

What is spam I keep seeing things like:' tired of spam Please dont use spam!' and more. Please fill me in!?

Ads emailed to you.Ever heard of junkmail and know what it is?Spam is the same thing as junkmail.

Has anyone changed from video to recordable dvd skyplus etc or is anyone like me and still using videos?

Wish i had kept my VHS recorder as you def need it.I am all HD now,HD recorder player HD TV,HD sky box but most definitely going to buy a VHS or VHS/DVD player/recorder Bluray much to expensive

I treated my friend like sh*t. Why does she still like me?

GOD are you an idiot! those are the types of friends hard to find! be her friend! tell her that you are shy! but you love her company! cant you see! does she look like she cares abt how you look li... Read More »