Does anyone remember the Commador 64?

Answer I found the receipt for my old Texas TI99/4a from 31/12/83 the other day. It cost £79.90 from Comet.It had a great game called Parsec.

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Does anyone remember?

No you are talking about Sarah and Gracies mom.No she is not a troll. Her name is Matti and I talk to her on myspace alot. She got fed up with the BS. But her baby is fine and beautiful!***Youre... Read More »

Does anyone remember this?

Does anyone remember "New Coke"?

Yup... it was kinda nasty... at the time I think I was like 10 or 11 & I was kinda depressed at the fact, because I thought they wouldn't ever go back to original formula... Then they actually had ... Read More »

Does anyone remember crackers in a tin?

Lol @ Mary. Nabisco (and most other companies) stopped using tins in the 50's. I'm 57 (born in '55), and cardboard boxes were being used as far back as I can remember. I have seen several of the ti... Read More »