Does anyone remember liversworth lunchmeat?

Answer I always put a little mayo on mine. My father worked at Oscar Mayer during the 70's and we ate the stuff daily! I loved it! On crackers with cream cheese was my absolute favorite!

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Thinking about reaction rates why does lunchmeat spoil faster on your counter than in your refrigerator?

Answer because there are bacterials that lives in the meat ..the refrigerator slow the grouth of bacterials by the coldness! as u know bacterias need warmness to multiply so the counter is warmer t... Read More »

Looking for a show aired in the 90s from what you remember it was about aliens was set in a desert and you distinctly remember a scene with some sort of webbing any help would be appreciated?

How to make Firefox force remember password after clicking never remember?

Look at "Passwords" at this link:…

What song do you remember that mentions Remember in the title or lyrics?

Sarah McLachlan, "I Will Remember You".…