Does anyone prefer Windows XP to Vista?

Answer I had a full copy of Vista Ultimate in my desk drawer for over a year before I finally gave in & decided to try it.It took a while to get used to the constant "do you want to this" & "do you want t... Read More »

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Does anyone like Windows Vista?

Nosh Friend, I Like Windows Vista, I Agree with You, I am Using Windows Vista Ultimate for one and half a year now...No Problems With it.. The Complains were fake that i heard i don't know what you... Read More »

For those of you that are now using vista; do you prefer XP or vista?

I have XP on my desktop and Vista on my laptop. Its really hard for me to decide which one I like better because both have different strengths and weaknesses. If people -really- attempted Vista, ... Read More »

My windows xp printer does not work with my windows vista computer. help me .?

I had the same problem, all you have to do is go to the manufactures website and there should be a link for you to download the printer drivers you need to run your printer on your vista computer.

Does Windows Vista OEM perform a clean install over Windows XP?

Windows Vista OEM can perform a clean installation over Windows XP if you choose this option at the beginning of the install process. To perform a clean installation, Vista reformats the hard drive... Read More »