Does anyone make a girl's hard toe basketball shoe?

Answer There are no known manufacturers of hard-toe basketball shoes for girls as of April 2010. There are some manufacturers, such as Skechers and Converse, that develop steel toe tennis shoes for women.... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between a Running Shoe and a Basketball Shoe?

Running and basketball shoes are distinct from one another. Running shoes are specifically designed for one movement of the foot: the running gait. Basketball shoes are designed for multidirectiona... Read More »

Does anyone make hard wall drag racing slicks?

Drag racing slicks come in two versions: track specific and street legal. Both have soft sidewalls to provide maximum traction at start-up. A drag radial has stiffer sidewalls to improve street per... Read More »

Girls Shoe Types?

Although it is true that all women are different, if there is one weakness that is commonly found among them, it is a love of shoes. Even women who despise clothes shopping often cannot resist the ... Read More »

Does anyone even like hard boiled eggs?

I love them, warm with butter on the yolk, take a bite and put on more butter. Usually I make them into egg salad though...