Does anyone make a TV which automatically mutes commercials?

Answer my dvr has an option that allows streaming of commercials..which just softens them..doesn't "mute" them..but makes them your cable provider

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Do the new MAC commercials make anyone else mad?

I know what you mean. They are making it out to be something that its not; your cool if you buy a mac and your a nerd if you buy a pc. A pc can do anything a mac can do and for half the price.

Does anyone else hate those Charmin bear commercials?

Hell NO --- they are great!!! My grandson would jam the toilet EVERY time he would use the potty -- until he saw that only 4 sheets were needed at a time!! Thank God!!!

Does anyone else hate those stupid mop and broom commercials like I do?

Hi, does anyone know how to make the restricted telephone calls which numbers I have to dial first Thanks?