Does anyone knows how get a pop-up blocker off the computer?

Answer use mozilla

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How Can I Put Up a Pop-Up Blocker on My Computer?

It's annoying to click a link only to have a series of windows pop up displaying advertisements or even other Web pages. As this issue has become widespread, pop-up blockers have been integrated i... Read More »

How Do I Take a Pop-up Blocker Off a Computer?

Third-Party ProgramClick "Start" and select "Control Panel." Click "Add or Remove Programs," and wait for the window to open and the list to populate. Locate the name of your pop-up blocker in the ... Read More »

What is a pop-up blocker?

A pop-up blocker is a computer application designed to prevent advertisements, webpages, Flash applications and potentially malicious files from appearing in pop-up windows, or pop-ups, on a comput... Read More »

What is pop up blocker?

Before asking this question, you should rather have asked what a popup is. PopUps are web pages whose toolbars have been hidden using javascripts, and looks as if it is an application. This technol... Read More »