Does anyone know why the youtube comments are currently unavailable?

Answer Yeah, it's maintenance. Most likely. It can't be anything else, really.And Emily...honestly...chinese government hacking into youtube and google? Really? Really? That's about the most ridiculous th... Read More »

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Why does it say comments currently unavailable on youtube?

I thought it was only me with that problem.

Does anyone know me on youtube?

Actually yes I do;you use the program "pivot" to make stick figure mini movies I suppose you can call them.Anyways that must be tedious work-either way I like some of your videos;they're at least a... Read More »

Does anyone know how to rip youtube videos?

hello Adele,If you want the easiest way (and also the fastest), use 'zillatube'.Zillatube easily download videos/musics, and it can download fast...It has lots of other features too as it can ... Read More »

Does anyone know how many videos are on youtube?

110,575,000On April 12, 2008 there was about 82,300,000 videos on youtube. About 65,000 new videos are put up every day. 435*65,000= 28,275,000 + 82,300,000 = 110,575,000I think thats right :P Ho... Read More »