Does anyone know why my computer keeps freezing?

Answer There are several primary areas that could be causing your computer to freeze.The most likely reason is that Corruption within your registry keys, registry classes, and registry settings.Any time y... Read More »

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Why does my computer take 20 mins+ to start up and then keeps freezing?

Might need more RAM. Or your hard drive is just getting old. Have you tried disk defragmenter?

What does it mean when your computer keeps freezing up on you?

Any of the reasons below 1) Virus/Trojan/Spyware/Adware/ ****** up ur PC2) HARDDISK got bad sectors3) RAM got damaged4) MOTHERBOARD problem :)Cheers

Computer problem: My computer keeps freezing up and I have to force it to shut down,?

Sounds like a virus for sure. Just because you ran a clean virus check doesn't mean you don't have a virus.Anti-virus programs can only scan for KNOWN viruses. If a new or unknown virus has made ... Read More »

My computer keeps freezing!?

Windows freezes or stops responding frequently.This issue could be caused by any of the below possibilities. 1. Software related issue. 2. Driver related issue. 3. Operating system related issue. 4... Read More »