Does anyone know why is down?

Answer I'm not sure but i hope that they put it back up pretty soon. I like to watch television shows that i missed during the week from being too busy. Here is a link that has some good quality movies on... Read More »

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Does anyone know if facebook is down?

FB is not down but it is having regional problems... Try back in 31 minutes.

Does anyone know why my internet shuts down after dark?

That's weird. Does your modem work on solar-power?Better call your internet provider.

Does anyone know why Metro PCS service is down in Northern California?

check your phone!! mine is back on now.... i'm still switching though....I'm sick of metro!!!

Does Best Buy know anything about customer service, why does anyone shop there and how do we bring them down?

Put a scratch on the disc and go to a diffrent Best Buy store. Tell them you just want to exchange it for the same title. Dont bring your recipt. Tell them you left it home. Then go back to that sa... Read More »