Does anyone know who promotes club One in Astoria on saturday night?

Answer I don;t know anymore. I'm too old to know, but I used to hang out in Astoria when i was of that age.

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Hi does annt one know a night club that will let in 12 year olds in Houston?

Night Club?My definition of "night club" might be different than yours but I've never heard ofnight club that lets kids in. Even 18-21 is a rarity. Almost all clubs are 21+ years of agebecause they... Read More »

Who was the first female for Saturday night live cast member to return to host Saturday night live?

Does anyone know a cure for night time leg cramps?

Try drinking a large glass of tonic water before bed. It contains quinine which is very useful in reducing night time cramps. I use it and it works well for me.

Does anyone what the Saturday night live skit is where kennan Thompson is a talk show host and gets up and starts dancing and then gets shot every time he interviews someone?