Does anyone know where the bookmarks can be found on Explorer 9?

Answer If you have a Google toolbar at the top, then look for the clear star. if you don't have a toolbar or even want one, then look top right and you will see 3 icons - a house which is 'home page', a ... Read More »

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Does anyone know where the Google Chrome bookmarks are stored on the HD ?

It's in the "History" file combined with browsing history. It looks like it's in Sqllite format.Vista:C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Goog… Data\Default\HistoryXP:C:\Documents and Settings\\Application ... Read More »

Anyone know PREFER brand for hygienic pilowcases where can i found place to buy it?

I use Medical West Pharmacy here in St. Louis 1-800-489-1888or Provider Plus 1-314-961-8500.Look in your Yellow Pages under "medical supplies" or look in the internet under Prefer pillowcases. The... Read More »

Does anyone know if a small worm found in my coffee maker is parasitic!?

Most common in-house white, slightly larger than a grain of rice, is a maggot- worm stage of the common house fly. Icky, yes, but it won't take up residency in your gut.

I found out that the colors Teal and White show support for cervical cancer...does anyone know of an?

here is what i found........ Read More »