Does anyone know where online I can use 3 Circuit City gift cards I have?

Answer don't feel stupid, i thought the whole operation was gone a couple years agoare you gonna buy a webcam so we can give each other a show?

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Do Circuit City gift cards lose value over time?

Yes, Circuit City gift cards lose value. One year after purchasing the Circuit City gift card a service charge of $2 will be deducted from the card value each month.Source:CircuitCity.comMore Infor... Read More »

Can you use gift cards like credit cards to shop online?

While regulations vary from retailer to retailer, most vendors allow you to use retailer gift cards online. Some have regulations limiting the number of gift cards that can be used for one purchase... Read More »

What company holds the circuit city credit cards?

The issuer of the Circuit City credit card was Chase Bank. When Circuit City filed for bankruptcy and terminated its credit card rewards program, Chase folded those accounts into the Best Buy progr... Read More »

Can you still buy online at Circuit City?

As of May 2010, the electronics retailer does still provide online shopping for consumers. Circuit City accepts numerous online payment options, including most major credit cards, the Circuit City ... Read More »