Does anyone know where I can get this the cheapest (either in-store or online)?

Answer This website is loaded with electronics and good prices. You might find what you need there.

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Does anyone know of a good script for online store inventory based on location?

First of all, a "script" can be many things: But if you are talking about something written in a "scripting language", then that is something else. Those types ... Read More »

Does anyone know a store where i can buy these?

Auntie Anne's is in every Mall in the country, plus hundreds of other places.

Does anyone know where the nearest 24 hour liquor store is in manhattan, NY?

Atlantic City, New Jersey which is 127 miles south of Manhattan.New York state law doesn't allow liquor to be sold between 4am and 8am (noon on Sunday). Many counties have even more restricted hou... Read More »

Does anyone know where there is a 'Target' store in The Bronx Or Manhattan in New York?

There's a Target that is technically in BOTH the Bronx and Manhattan!It's located on 40 W. 225th Street (off Broadway) and across the street from the Marble Hill housing projects, in a shopping cen... Read More »