Does anyone know where I can get H.P.printer ink replacements?

Answer I strongly recommend I've used them loads of times and they are very reliable

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What are some food replacements I can eat going mad?

Shauna's answer was better than mine since she is on that diet. Is this the psoriasis diet? Crohn's diet?You might be able to google those...I suggest almond milk (if you can)Use some sweet rice fl... Read More »

Who played in the movie The Replacements?

The movie "The Replacements" (2000) stars Keanu Reeves, Gene Hackman, Orlando Jones, Brooke Langton, Faizon Love, Rhys Ifans and Jon Favreau. Other, less notable, actors in the movie include Michae... Read More »

How much money did"The Replacements"gross?

The film, "The Replacements," was released by Warner Bros. on August 11, 2000. This movie grossed $44,737,059 in the United States and $50,054,511 total, including international sales. Unfortunatel... Read More »

Who created the replacements cartoon?

Grover is not an animal at all, he is a Monster.