Does anyone know where I can buy German DVDs (I live in the US)?

Answer try ebay. or something i deff, cannot read that site.

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I can't find them in stores where I live. Does anyone know if they're even in Walmart yet?

Does anyone know any German Torrenting Websites?

You don't need to use a german torrent site to get movies in german. I would recommend for most everything because it's so reliable. It's a Swedish site but has many language option... Read More »

Does anyone know what's a good electronic german to english dictionary/translator Thx.?

well... I speak German... I lived there for 10 years and passed the fluency test for a minor and for my work. I really haven't found anything that really work that well. Unfortunately there are far... Read More »

Does anyone know "Darius Rucker LIVE Country and radio station trivia for 11/9/10?

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