Does anyone know what the prescription Mutum 10mg is for?

Answer No : (

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Does anyone know what supplement is good for lowering colesterol instead of taking prescription meds?

As a physician with a natural bent, I have several suggestions to lower your total and LDL cholesterol levels without the use of prescription medicines. You can also consider Zetia, which has a tot... Read More »

Does anyone know how to lower bloodsugar without prescription drugs?

What else did I do to achieve these numbers? Let me tell you that these numbers are impossible to achieve without regular physical exercise. I exercise around 10 hours per week, sometimes more, som... Read More »

Anyone know of a pain medication that does NOT reduce fever, prescription or otherwise?

I take Naproxen for knee pain that I sustained from a really bad fall years ago.I helps with the pain a lot, and I don't remember reading about it being used for fever.Give it a Google search to ... Read More »

Does anyone know anyone taking 1000 mg metformin twice a day Sounds like a lot to me. What side affects?

I don't know anyone taking that dose.My father used to take that dose, he was a non-compliant diabetic, but he died earlier this year, from the complications caused by being a non-compliant diabeti... Read More »