Does anyone know what the dish called Samkeh Harrah is?

Answer Its Chili fish, That's the definition, although its not that chili, its mild, but very tasty its usuallyservedd with brown rice toppedd with nuts.

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Does any one know what is the food dish called where you eat raw ground meat?

Tartar , I have heard of it , it mixes spices with it.Sounds like food poisoning waiting to happen.

Does anyone know what these are called?

I don't know what they are called. I want to say double entendre, but I know that's not right.But wow. Those are freaking hilarious. Thank you!

Does anyone know what this phone app is called?

I think you are talking about Sudoku. Have a look on the web game

Does anyone know what the cable is called that links a computer to a tv?