Does anyone know what the cable is called that links a computer to a tv?

Answer hey cool i didnt know you could do that

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Can anyone help me identify this cable Don't know what it's called?

The connector is called a DB9. They were commonly used for serial ports in the days before USB. You'll want an extension cable with a DB9 male at one end and a DB9 female at the other end. The come... Read More »

Does anyone know a wifi provider that i dont need to get cable or phone service?

The simplest way to get WiFi is to sign up with a cable or phone company and lease their WiFi enabled equipment. However you don't want to go that route. So what is left is signing up with a wire... Read More »

Does anyone know any loud scary pop out links?

Does anyone know why is down?

I'm not sure but i hope that they put it back up pretty soon. I like to watch television shows that i missed during the week from being too busy. Here is a link that has some good quality movies on... Read More »