Does anyone know what kind of printer makes glossy 4x6 postcards?

Answer any printer using glossy paper.I prefer using the color laserjet only because the ink does not migrate.

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Hello, does anyone know of a kind of printer that will print on small drinking straws?

If it's possible that would be a commercial printer.

Does anyone know what kind of desk this is?

Shpelyk Roman is the designer and you can see very detaled pics here...…Not sure where to buy it but shouldnt be too hard to find now you know what you ar... Read More »

Does anyone know what the best scanner/printer for an iMac is?

Basically any printer / scanner should work with any Mac / iMac.I use a Samsung Laser ML-2510 for printing text documents and an all-in-one HP Officejet 4500 for color printing / scanning / copier ... Read More »

Does Anyone Know What Kind Of Camcorder Fred Uses?

who cares?no offence pplbuti think fred sux badly