Does anyone know what kind of printer makes glossy 4x6 postcards?

Answer any printer using glossy paper.I prefer using the color laserjet only because the ink does not migrate.

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What Makes Postcards Collectible?

Austria issued the world's first postcard on October 1, 1869. Today, postcards are collectible because of their charm, beauty and nostalgic associations. Elements that factor into the desirability ... Read More »

How do I print postcards on an HP Deskjet D1320 Printer?

Position PostcardPrepare for printing by sliding the paper guide to the far left. Position the postcard white side down, flush with the right side of the paper tray. Make sure the long side of the ... Read More »

Can you use glossy paper on a deskjet printer?

Yes. HP and Weyheuser have glossy paper for your Deskjet. I suggest Weyheuser. It is less expensive and works flawslessly. Set your printer to NORMAL and NOT BEST when you print on this paper. This... Read More »

Why do inkjet printer bleeds on art paper or something glossy?

You cannot print on just any old glossy/fancy paper in an inkjet printer, you have to use glossy/fancy paper that is designed specifically for inkjet printers, and for the best results, paper desig... Read More »