Does anyone know what has happened to you tube it seems to have gone offline?

Answer I think their server is down, we have exactly the same problem here...

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I got so pissed last night i cant remember anything!Does anyone know what happened?

Initially there was an uprising from the Oompah Loompahs, however this was quelled by some vicious Munchkin guerilla activity at the crossing of the Yellow Brick Road and Chocolate River. Sir Alex ... Read More »

My BBC TV has just 'gone' has this happened to anyone else?

Don't forget to time how long it is off air for, then you can claim the rebate on your tv licence.

My friend was using her laptop when all of a sudden,her speakers didnt work.Does anyone know what happened?

Most likely she clicked on the mute button which kills the sound. That is easy to undo.There is also a sound system diagnostic she can run to do a test of the card and the settings.

Does anyone know the website address for the site thats like you tube but xrated?