Does anyone know what date those pictures were taken on google earth.?

Answer They`re quite old, the one I looked at in France showed theNormandy landings.

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Is there any way of telling how old Google earth's pictures are of a particular area?

I think they update them periodically. Ours used to show my son's first car on the road. The more recent show his truck. Less than 2 years.Yes, that's me in the avatar.

How is Google Earth able to take street level pictures?

Do you mean the vew that you can turn 360degrees and see everything as if you were standing there or the roof views? The roof view is done by satelite... As for the actual street view, they have a ... Read More »

How did google earth get pictures of my street and house did they?

How often are the satlelite pictures on google earth updated?

Google Earth acquires the best imagery available, most of which is approximately one to three years old. We add to our database on a regular basis. We’re not able to provide you with detailed inf... Read More »