Does anyone know what date those pictures were taken on google earth.?

Answer They`re quite old, the one I looked at in France showed theNormandy landings.

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On Google Earth Street View, how can you tell what date the picture was taken?

The street views are at least a few years old and with the money Google makes you would think it would be updated more often!If you want live streaming images and the ability to see your house LIVE... Read More »

Google Maps, When were the Satellite Pictures Taken?

it does say at the bottom of the photo what year they were taken somewhere

How did those people get those pictures in google street view?

they have special vehicles and motorbikes equiped with high tech cameras, click link below

Google Maps & Google Earth, but did you know that there is also a Google Moon?

Yeah, definitely! I love Google space. If you look at planets, stars, moons, etc. and there is a picture from the Hubble, it'll come up. Beautiful! That's all I can say.