Does anyone know what a tea bag is made from?

Answer A tea bag is a small, porous silk, paper or nylon bag with tea insideThe first tea bags were made from hand-sewn silk muslin bags and tea bag patents of this sort exist dating as early as 1903. Fir... Read More »

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Does anyone know how to remove dents in a rug made from chairs and diningroom table legs ?

I have a tool for that. It came with my Kerby Vac. I never had to use it. To bad you don't have a Kerby. The best Vacum ever made.

Does anyone know a home-made remedy for removing odour from smelly trainers/football boots after exertion?

old pair of tights, cut them in half and tie the ends then fill with crushed burnt toast and put inside the tights then tie. put one in each shoe by morning it should be de-ordorised

Does anyone really want to know what bologna is made of?

I think the real question isn't about what is in bologna-- the question is whether ignorance is bliss.. the bologna is just a metaphor. Personally, I believe that ignorance is not bliss... tha... Read More »

Does anyone know who made this song?

Formerly Unknown (Boy 8-bit Remix) by Philipe De Boyar…