Does anyone know what FREEDOM smells or tastes LIKE?

Answer Freedom... not always lost in another country. Freedom can be lost almost anywhere... even a controlling husband who thinks marriage gives him ownership over every last part of your life and body. ... Read More »

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Does anyone know what goat meat tastes like?

Goats are related to sheep, so I will say it takes like sheep. Do you know what halal means? Halal is an Arabic term meaning permissble. Muslims are to slaughter their animals in a ceratin way i... Read More »

First time drinking Becks Beer.. It smells like Marijuana.. Tastes it too.. Will it get me high?

No, Hops is a cousin of cannabis and it is used to make beer. It is sensible for you to get the same flavor notes in some cases but it will not get you high

Does anyone know anyone taking 1000 mg metformin twice a day Sounds like a lot to me. What side affects?

I don't know anyone taking that dose.My father used to take that dose, he was a non-compliant diabetic, but he died earlier this year, from the complications caused by being a non-compliant diabeti... Read More »

What tastes, smells and foods do you associate to Chicago?

Stuffed pizza, Vienna hot dogs, italian beef...all washed down with Green River (soda pop)