Does anyone know ways to ease earache..?

Answer There are ear drops available over the counter that will help with the earache. Also try a heating pad or hot water bottle. Has your doctor determined the cause for the earaches? I have had a long ... Read More »

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Does anyone know how to stop or ease toothache its driving me mad.?

**** READ THIS **** Thats great, Im sure your reading these answers and thinking yea yea yea I already took pain meds and they are not working and I dont have cloves and I am in pain right? Well go... Read More »

Ive got a toothache,i cant get it seen to till monday,does anyone know anything i can do 2 ease it a bit?

oil of cloves from pharmacyeat bread which can temporary fill cavitieswhiskey or brandy will numb gumsand of course Paracetomol.

Does anyone know ways to get ride of scars?

the best way to do that is the natural way with vitamins :D buy supplements with vitamin A and Omegas 3's :D they are good for the skin, for any condition and they help with reproduction of cells s... Read More »

Does anyone know alternative ways to get rid of mice?

I use to have mice in my old flat - try an electronic repellent from B&Q / Homebase or similar (less than £10). It plugs into the mains and emits a high pitched noise that humans can't hear but th... Read More »