Does anyone know ways to ease earache..?

Answer There are ear drops available over the counter that will help with the earache. Also try a heating pad or hot water bottle. Has your doctor determined the cause for the earaches? I have had a long ... Read More »

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What causes earache?

An earache can be an uncomfortable problem with many potential causes. Injury to the ear itself is a possibility. The pain may also be caused by problems outside of the ear, in locations such as th... Read More »

How to get rid of an earache.?

you could have an ear infection, they tend to come on suddenly without warning for me. If it is hurting your ear drum may be punctured, that happened to me I had an ear infection and I didn't know ... Read More »

Please help earache please?

You can go to a doctor, if its an infection, they'll likely just prescribe you antibiotics. If you feel like there is pressure, take a decongestant and wait a while.

What can I do for an earache that won't go away?

What type of hearing aid do you wear? If it is an all in the ear kind then yes it could be part of the problem as those are not vented and they trap moisture in your ear. If you have a behind the... Read More »