Does anyone know the validity of the "new grant guide" or

Answer Hey old friend, I wouldn't buy the 25K in grant money. Its just a scam for the company to get your address and personal info so that they could send you more crap like this. Its up to you weather o... Read More »

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Looking for the legitemase of Grant approval Network webpage, grant access club & Government Grant Solution?

If you are avoiding scams and thieves, you will NOT even consider the above companies you mentioned because those are scams. If you want legitimate, the ONLY legitimate is GOVERNMENT (sites ending ... Read More »

Will a student grant and pc grant affect my income support?

Educational grants do not usually affect Income Support and as this amount of money only adds up to about £18 a week in total and IS disregard an amount for books and equipment, you should be fine.

The Validity of a Last Will & Testament?

A last will and testament is a document that details how the signing party (the "testator") wants his property dealt with upon his death. A valid will must meet the statutory standards for a will i... Read More »

How to Contest the Validity of a Last Will & Testament?

A person's will is that person's final instructions about what to do with the remaining assets and property acquired during that person's life. Typically, a will leaves gifts the deceased person's ... Read More »