Does anyone know the scanner code where the police talk car to car?

Answer Of course I don't.

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What does code 2 mean in police talk I heard it on my scanner and I am curious.?

Code 2 Urgent - no light or siren 10-0 Caution10-1 Reception poor10-2 Reception good10-3 Stop transmitting10-4 Message received, understood10-5 Repay message10-6 Change channel10-7 Out of service10... Read More »

Does anyone know any police scanner frequencies for Greenville Mississippi?

Try… They're on the Washington County trunking system.(BTW, this is for scanners that scan documents into computers, but since I know where to find what ... Read More »

Does anyone know were I can get police scanner frequencies for all of alberta,canada?

Industry canada makes frequency information available for all of canada at:…

Does anyone know a very good free pc app or tool to listen to live police scanner?

Depends on what mobile OS you are asking for. If for iPhone, you can search the app store. If for android, search Google Play. A good one that I have heard about is the 5-0 scanner app.