Does anyone know the names of the fish sold in Chinatown,San Francisco?

Answer Fresh. No really the fish are brought in each day in tanker trucks and put in store tanks until they are butchered.

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What can a vegetarian eat in Fisherman Wharf in San Francisco sincs it is mostly fish?

What makes you think that Fisherman's Wharf is only fish? There are Vegetarian and Vegan dishes at all of the restaurants in the tourist zones. Below are only two of the restaurants. While the list... Read More »

What is the general name of a store where fish is sold?

Fish for consumption are sold at fish or seafood markets. A person who sells fish is called a fishmonger. The markets are similar to butcher shops for beef and pork products. Fish for pets are sold... Read More »

Names of Atlantic Sport Fish?

Anglers fishing the vast expanses of the Atlantic Ocean are privy to some of the world's best sport fishing. A variety of fish species inhabits both coastal and deep-sea waters, challenging anglers... Read More »

Chinese Fish Names & Meanings?

Over the centuries the Chinese have developed a system of symbols and values related to the natural world. One of the animals of great significance in Chinese culture is the fish. Fish can symboliz... Read More »