Does anyone know of there are any kosher dog and cat foods?

Answer Oddly enough there's Kosher Pets food. It's so good, it's Kosher. think you're a sick swine for feeding it to those co-workers though. It's way more expen... Read More »

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What does Kosher mean in foods?

Kosher foods are prepared and handled according to Jewish dietary laws. Some meats, such as pork and crab, cannot be eaten, and meat must be eaten separately from dairy. Kosher foods cannot contain... Read More »

How are foods labeled kosher?

For the kosher consumer, labeling is important. For many foods, rabbinic supervision is necessary in order for them to be considered kosher. A kosher label, or heksher, allows people to be sure th... Read More »

What Are Examples of Kosher Foods?

Food is considered kosher if it is prepared in accordance with Jewish dietary laws and, if not cooked at home in a kosher kitchen, prepared under the supervision of a rabbi. Jewish dietary laws are... Read More »

Kosher ! What exactly, makes food "kosher" for Jewish people What do they eat,say, while on the road ?

Kosher food is generally easy to find, with the exception of kosher meat. Many of us who keep strictly kosher will take packaged meals with them (yes, they exist--they're even self-heating) but ge... Read More »