Does anyone know of some Kosher-Vegetarian resources?

Answer Keeping kosher and eating a vegan diet is easy in some ways, but hard in others. It's easy in that I only have to keep one set of dishes (for those of you unfamiliar with kosher law, one has to kee... Read More »

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Why do people think that kosher means vegetarian?

To be Kosher, you can't mix meat and dairy, so people assume that since it's kosher, and it's dairy, there must not be any meat in there either.A lot of people just don't realize that according to ... Read More »

Kosher ! What exactly, makes food "kosher" for Jewish people What do they eat,say, while on the road ?

Kosher food is generally easy to find, with the exception of kosher meat. Many of us who keep strictly kosher will take packaged meals with them (yes, they exist--they're even self-heating) but ge... Read More »

Are green roofs renewable resources or nonrenewable resources?

A renewable resource is any substance of economic value that can be replenished using less energy than it takes to supply. Grass and other perennial plants are considered renewable resources that h... Read More »

The Difference Between Kosher Salt & Kosher Salt Flakes?

Kosher salt comes in two varieties: crystals and flakes. It's not unusual to be confused, and many cooks don't know what to do with the two different types. The term "kosher" can add to some of the... Read More »