Does anyone know of some Kosher-Vegetarian resources?

Answer Keeping kosher and eating a vegan diet is easy in some ways, but hard in others. It's easy in that I only have to keep one set of dishes (for those of you unfamiliar with kosher law, one has to kee... Read More »

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Does anyone know of there are any kosher dog and cat foods?

Oddly enough there's Kosher Pets food. It's so good, it's Kosher. think you're a sick swine for feeding it to those co-workers though. It's way more expen... Read More »

Does anyone know of a vegetarian who is overweight?

Yes, me!Not enormously overweight but enuf to have me on a strict diet (16lbs lost in the last 2 months!) and only a bit left to lose and I'll no longer be overweight. Wish me luck!

Does anyone know and good and easy vegetarian/vegan side dishes?

I would do roast potatoes and parsnips and as they are likely to cook faster than the quail so they may need to go in first.Check with you recipe for the cooking times whether you are going to roas... Read More »

Does anyone know if the parmesan shavings at the Mellow Mushroom are made with vegetarian rennet?

Depends where you are. I've never heard of the company so I'm guessing America? In Europe it's legally protected and would have to be made with animal rennet."Outside Europe, commercially produced ... Read More »