Does anyone know of sites like facebook or nyspace?

Answer Check these:http://www.twitter.comhttp://www.tubely.comhttp://www.hi5.comhttp://www.netlog.comhttp://www.tagged.com

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What are all of the Facebook "like" sites?

Those sites simply allow you to type something and then like it on Facebook. It's equivalent to liking a link. I can only think of one other site at the moment

Sites like facebook for teens?

I heard of this thing called "face to face". It is like talking to people on Facebook, but in person!

Does any one on here prefer facebook to the other sites?

yes i do.i have to say i dont have a bebo account but several teenagers i know (friends daughters and my sis) have and i think thats more 4 the younger 1s or it should be.and i have had a myspace a... Read More »

What other sites are there besides Facebook and Myspace?