Does anyone know of any types of food that are delicious to eat with dhal purie and roti?

Answer okra, ginger and tomato stewspinach dipurdu bean puree

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What kind of food is roti?

Roti is a type of flat bread that contains no leavening, such as baking powder or yeast. Roti is very common in Indian and Asian cuisines, but many African and Caribbean nations, such as Trinidad, ... Read More »

How Many Types of Delicious Apple Are There?

Delicious is a particular variety of apple, a name coined by James Hart Stark. Stark started Stark Bro's nursery in Missouri in 1816, bringing trees from his family orchard in Kentucky. In the 1930... Read More »

World's most delicious food?

the most delicious food in the world is caviar, it s very expensive for example one pound of them in United States it costs at about 550 dollars.

What is the most delicious food that can be prepared at home?

For me it would be a nice piece of fish cooked just right, served with mashed potatoes, steamed leeks and green peas, and a creamy parsley sauce..Dune