Does anyone know of any home remedies for tooth aches?

Answer Peel a clove of garlic (forget the other clove, it will only numb the area for a short while until it stops working altogether), and cut it into a shape that will fit into your ear on the side of t... Read More »

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How to cure ear aches using home remedies.?

Olive oil infused with mullein flowers is amazing as a drop. I made some for my daughter who used to have recurring ear infections when a small child, and then swimmers ear as a teenager; she took ... Read More »

Is there any home remedies for tooth pain?

Hydrogen petocide, it is safe to use it as mouth wash. I use it after flossing then let it bubble in your mouth for a few minutes. Then I brush, I havent had a cavity in 16 years, I want best answe... Read More »

Home remedies for Tooth pain?

Only thing that works for me is a prescription dose of Advil (ibuprofen) and see the dentist ASAP. A prescription dose of Advil is 4 over the counter tablets every 4-6 hours. I've taken 5 in a pinc... Read More »

Are there any good home remedies for a abeses tooth?

HiGet some antibiotics to take care of the infection, you will still have to take care of the problem, but this will buy some time. Good luck