Does anyone know of any helpful and credible sites?

Answer I really like this site, I wanted to share it to help others, it was created by the U.S. department of education, so I believe it it reliable and I really like the way it is laid out, it looks very... Read More »

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Does anyone know any helpful tips for diebetes?

first of all get a really good endocrinologist. i had a terrible time because my hmo had never tested to see if i was type one or type two diabetes. then i was actually resistant to one insulin, th... Read More »

Does anyone know of any good freebie sites?

Does anyone know of sites like facebook or nyspace?

Check these:http://www.twitter.comhttp://www.tubely.comhttp://www.hi5.comhttp://www.netlog.comhttp://www.tagged.com

Does anyone know of any sites for college students advocates?

I graduated in 1992, so it's been a long time. I found this site online though..there is a link for re-entry students. Sorry I can't be of more help.…